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Orange Water 02:18
Dressed up in grubs, yard waste days passed by in a daze of birdbath cleanups and little lessons of seasons. I find I always want to come find you. Orange water from Rabat days; you sprinkle across our necks and along our collarbones. You never want to stick your neck out. Hidden smoking moments; if you hadn’t followed him, would you smoke? Would you shriek? Is he the reason you love me so? Is he the reason you float above it all? I have no memories of you that aren’t coloured by him, you always smiled silently in his shadow. Beautiful mother, wants space to hate men, but will he ever let her, that beguiling ghost? He left us and we clung to each other, cursing him instead of blessing one another. He left us and we starved ourselves, now finally we’re whetted. Trials of lawn care, strewn about chairs, make the shapes of the years we have left. Orange water from Rabat days; you sprinkle across our necks and along our collarbones. You never want to stick your neck out. Hidden smoking moments. If you hadn’t followed him... Believe that your best is before you, not in the cellar with his ashes, time to sprinkle them, orange water.
Gorm Shelves 01:41
I’ll open my legs up And guess what It’s the best way to know me It’s easy to pick me up and throw me I’ll blame you, shame you, defame, rename, claim, stain and, maim you My dad ran away when I was fourteen So I’ll run into your arms, faking, unclean You’re standing all ready with dull satisfaction You think you’re fooling me into thinking this is protection Play the way you feel But have fun while I steal Your chase and game from under you I can have my fun Without this I don’t feel for you: You don’t feel bliss This was never about exposure But about running away from closure When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know So stick to practicing punches you’ll throw I love myself Too little, too much And so I open my legs And let you walk away untouched There’s no depth to this You’re no prize Nor are you my fear, Any more than you’re My dear I want to cut you Feel nice Cut you When I do, I'll feel nice My sinuses are full and I spit on you I’m not going to wait and watch I’m not that polite I don’t play fight or flight
Marmalade 00:17
I love my mom!
Nosebleeds 01:20
This year I’m learning to live unapologetically in my own truths, just give me a moment. This year, I’m learning to live with nosebleeds. Clearing my mind only takes a second Usual negotiation only takes a second It's not a negotiation if you only beckoned Or if you wielded power overhead Put your arms Over my mouth But keep the pleasure All to yourself Asking to do me favours, Trying to claim something owed Called me slut, “I’ll fix you with my touch” And strung me out until I was stretched I have lost all my ability to slumber, Do you still manage To dream while you squirm? Couldn’t pretend that I understand So let that be reason to watch me extinguish Induce whiplash, lion tamer This year, I am learning not to touch. All I wanted was a new year Put your arms Over my mouth But keep the pleasure All to yourself This year, I’m learning to live with nosebleeds.
Power-hourpoint, globalize it Freedom 55, legalize it Share capital finance equity-ability Take a teller job to set you free Compassionate capitalism Water cooler profit margarine! USA laptop melt, yo Aaa I am a bug, I am a bug Growing old, above, below, moving speedily slow You’re outside reptilian supper club money You just wanna be somebody, be somebody National defence metal band night next door Team building, decorative lapel metal breakdown take two In imitation you’ll share in shame if not corporeality You just wanna be somebody, without a body But I’ve escaped, I’ve escaped!


released June 4, 2016

Recorded by Peter at The Bottle Garden, August 2015


all rights reserved



PRETTY BOYS Montreal, Québec

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